Accommodation Service in Colorado

It is never too late to plan for weekend getaway and you have to hurry to book the room at the Montrose Colorado hotels before they run out of vacancies. Why you have to choose to book from the aforementioned hotel? Well, there are some reasons and benefits that you should know about the hotels at Colorado and one of them is the accommodations both for human and for their pets. Yes, you read it right; this particular hotel allows you to bring your pet to stay with you during your weekend getaway because hiring pet-sitter is expensive during the weekend.

So, what type of accommodation that your beloved pets can enjoy? The pet accommodation which available on this hotel costs $15 plus tax and each guest can bring up to 2 pets per room for each night. Now that you know that your pet can enjoy the same amenities like you, you probably wondering the accommodations that available for you and the amenities that you can enjoy. The accommodations that you can enjoy at the hotel are available in two – the King Bed and Queen Beds. The King Bed rooms are available in non-smoking business class room with maximum occupancy for 3 persons and the standard King Bed room which also has the maximum occupancy for 3 persons as well.

What about the Queen Bed rooms? The aforementioned hotels are offering 2 Queen Bed rooms which each of the bedroom has maximum occupancy for 4 adults, and sometimes able to hold up to 5 persons by adding rollaway which you have pay for the extra charge. Another Queen Bed room is also having the maximum occupancy for 2 persons and all rates for both the King and Queen bedrooms do not include the 12% taxes. Some of the amenities provided by the hotels are including the full hot breakfast buffett, fitness center, free WiFi, hot tub, parking lot for buses and RVs, and many more.

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Top 4 Tailormade Wildlife Holidays for Dragonfly Enthusiasts

Tailormade wildlife holidays are an opportunity for dragonfly enthusiasts to see new and well-known species in their wild habitats all around Europe. Top destinations include Bulgaria, the Neusiedler See National Park in Austria and Hungary, the island of Sardinia and the Camargue region in France.


Bulgaria’s varied habitats are home to a stunning array of dragonflies. Whether searching the bogs and rivers of the Balkans, walking around the Smolyan Lakes in the Rhodope Mountains, or exploring the hot springs near Melnik, tailormade wildlife holidays to Bulgaria are sure to satisfy the dragonfly enthusiast. Possible sightings include Goldenrings, Little Tiger Blue, Eastern Festoon, Northern Damselfly, Downy Emerald, Black Pennant, Odalisque Damselfly, Bulgarian Emerald (only discovered in 1999), and many more. The landscapes of Bulgaria are truly stunning and there are many other animal and plant species to look for, including raptors, butterflies and orchids.

Austria and Hungary

Spanning the steppe and wetlands of Austria and Hungary is Neusiedler See National Park, one of Europe’s lesser-known locations for observing flora and fauna. The range of bird life is spectacular, from water birds to raptors, but the highlight for dragonfly enthusiasts will be flitting closer to the wild flowers that cover the steppe. Read the rest of this entry »

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